A Guide to Keycap Profiles

From classic profiles like SA to newer profiles like MT3 and KAT, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts today definitely do not suffer from lack of choice when it comes to keyboard profiles.

Which profile is right for you? While there is no substitute for trying them out in person, hopefully the list we compiled below will give you and idea of some of their unique shapes and character, and perhaps some of the history behind them.

NameTypeNotesMore Info / Where to Buy
CherrySculptedSimilar to OEM, but slightly lower profileKBDFans
DCSSculptedVery similar to Cherry profile. Exclusive to Signature Plastics.PimpMyKeyboard.com
DOMUniformUsed in artisan keycaps. An SA-height profile similar to a snow globe, with a rounded top to help magnify the inner contents.Dwarf Factory
DSAUniformMedium profile, spherical top, non-sculptured. Originally exclusive to Signature Plastics.PimpMyKeyboard.com

DSSSculptedOriginally produced in the 1980s, being revived by Signature Plastics.Reddit
G20UniformFlat uniform profile with rounded corners and a large surface area. Used in the Semiotic and Stealth keycaps sets from Signature Plastics.PimpMyKeyboard.com
HSASculptedIntroduced by JTK in 2019. HSA (HALF SA) is a double shot ABS keycap profile with a glossy finish. As the name implies, it’s a shorter variation on the SA profile while still being spherical and sculpted.Reddit


KAMUniformUniform version of KATGeekhack
KATSculptedReleased in 2018. Similar to SA, but shorter and less sculpted.Reddit


MDASculptedNewer sculpted profile, subtly spherical, designed to have a large surface area. Formerly named EDRUG (MIX).Reddit

MGSculptedProfile based on Topre hi-pro, but with a larger touch surface and adapted to fit Cherry MX switches. Similar to SA.deskthority

MT3SculptedDesigned by matt3o in 2017 to be a "high profile set that was pleasant to see and comfortable to type on."Matt3o.com

OEMSculptedA classic sculpted profile used on many mass-market mechanical keyboards.MechanicalKeyboards.com

OSASculptedOSA = OEM + SA. Features an OEM height, SA curve, and slightly larger-than-SA key surface. Early production runs in doubleshot PBT suffered quality control issues, such as broken, missing and misaligned stems.KeebTalk

SASculptedHigh profile, spherical top, sculptured. Originally exclusive to Signature Plastics.PimpMyKeyboard.com

SSSculpted1980s-era sculpted profile.Deskthority
Tai-Hao CubicSculptedSimilar to OEM, but with more square-shaped keys.Reddit

TEXUniformRetro design -- similar to DSA in terms of uniformity, but more rounded and scooped.Drop
XDAUniformNewer uniform profile, similar to DSA with a larger surface area.Drop



Keyboard Profile Images & Diagrams

From u/jacobolus at Reddit
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